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Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement In Twin Cities

repair: guarantee seal for new gate motor installation

Broken garage door cables? Don’t sweat it, just call Johnsons garage experts! Garage cables are vital to the smooth operation of your garage door; once a cable breaks your door can’t be used anymore unless the cable is either repaired or replaced. These cables are normally attached from the drum located near the top of your garage door to the bottom.

repair: guarantee seal for new gate motor installation

Garage Door Cable Replacement and Repair Dangers

Just like with garage door broken springs, cables too can be extremely dangerous to replace or repair without prior knowledge and training. These cables are under constant tension and must be handled only be a trained technician. Any attempt to repair or replace a cable without the proper tools could result in serious injury!

Give Johnson’s Garage Door Repair in Twin Cities a call and one of our highly trained and experienced professionals will arrive at your location and determine the most efficient solution to get your door operating again.